Benefits of Servicing


These are your only connection with the ground. Lets get it right! Perishing and cuts can be dangerous and tube pressure makes a big difference to friction and rolling resistance. Inspection is advised to stop unwanted surprises.


If it is all tight then there is no fright! Creaking can be annoying and either means something has come loose, or dirt has worked its way in. Cleaning and tightening will solve this.


The brake system is your saviour when it comes to stopping where you mean to. Cleaning away any contamination, checking alignment of pads and spring tension of callipers will greatly enhance performance and safety. New cables more control. 


Being able to be in the right gear is a necessity if you want to enjoy your ride. Lubrication  of the chain, deraillers and shifters will extend the life of your components and help movement.


How could we leave them till last, they are the main components for cruising along. The hubs in the middle are in charge of your rolling ability. Cleaning, greasing and tightening correctly will provide a great feeling! 


Cables play a huge part in the shifting experience, so the outers need lubing to stop friction (rust) and new inner cables will help with that perfect shift.  This all means we can now be confident that power can be transferred without slipping and wastage.